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Reflecting about the question: Passion by Risk, happened on Nov 2, the Mare Forum Shipping VS Finance in Rotterdam.
The conference was at Hilton, and the audience was composed for shipowners, investors, insurance companies, consultants between others, that came together for a brainstorm about the sector, looking for points of agreement and experiences for share.

Questions like: ” if the shipping market still continuing to grow despite the emergent market crises?”, and ” How the oil’s prices is impacting under the shipping price and under the transportation cost?”, was debated between the panelists and audiences.

Facing a lot of questions, the shipping market agree that will continue living in a roller coaster, with so variables and the economy of nowadays.

In the other side, the banks losing their appetite for the risk, increasing day by day the rules and compliance. The decrease for finance was felt in 2015.

Exactly for the lacking of resources, the small shipping companies are closing. They are not managing all requirements from the finance agents and banks. The rules for transparency and compliance need more and more sophisticated information.

A lot of talks about minimize cost. Increasing the size for the new ships, and how it can save in scale if chartered completely.

Reflecting on the sentence: Passion by Risk launched by Mr. Yanni Tryphillis, the Mare Forum Rotterdam ended with a networking cocktail.

The next edition will be held in Rio de Janeiro, next November 25, with the theme – Need for Change and Designing a new Future – Looking Ahead III , at the Windsor Atlântica Hotel.


Event covered by Brasilbest Media – Teresa Braz


Refletindo sobre a questão: Paixão por Risco, aconteceu em 02 de novembro, o Mare Forum Shipping VS Finanças em Rotterdam, na Hollanda.
A conferência foi no Hilton, e a audiência foi composta por armadores, investidores, seguradoras, consultores entre outros, que se encontraram para fazerem juntos um brainstorm sobre o sector, à procura de pontos de concordância e trocas de experiências.

Questões como: “se o mercado de transporte marítimo ainda continua a crescer apesar das crises dos mercados emergentes”, e “Como o preço do petroleo está impactando sob o preço do transporte e sob o custo de transporte”, foram debatidas entre os palestrantes e o público presente.

Diante de várias questões, o mercado do transporte concorda que continuará vivendo em uma montanha-russa, com tantas variáveis e economia de hoje em dia.

Do outro lado, os bancos estão perdendo seu apetite para o risco, aumentando dia a dia as regras de Compliance. A diminuição de financiamento foi sentido em 2015.

Exatamente pela falta de recursos, as pequenas companhias de navegação estão fechando. Eles não estão conseguindo gerir todos os requisitos dos agentes financeiros e bancos. As regras de transparência e a conformidade exigem as mais sofisticadas informações.

Muito se falou sobre minimizar o custos  aumentando o tamanho das novas embarcações, e como isso pode gerar uma economia de escala caso afretado por completo.

Refletindo sobre a frase: Paixão por Risco, lançada pelo Sr. Yanni Tryphillis, o Mare Forum Roterdam terminou com um coquetel de networking.

A próxima edição será realizada no Rio de Janeiro, no próximo 25 de novembro, com o tema – necessidade de mudança e desenhar um novo futuro – Olhando para o Futuro III, no Windson Atlântica Hotel.

Evento coberto por Brasilbest Media – Teresa Braz


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From 3 – 6 November 2015 Europort, organised in the world port city of Rotterdam, will be the international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. Europort has a strong focus on special purpose ships including offshore vessels, dredging vessels, construction vessels, naval vessels, workboats, inland vessels, fishery vessels and super yachts. With almost 30,000 professional visitors and 1100 exhibiting companies, Europort belongs to the world’s leading maritime meeting places.

Maré Forum Ship Finance 2 November 2015
Maré Forum Ship Finance
2 November 2015
Brazil Network Day 3 November 2015
Brazil Network Day
3 November 2015

The JBraz will make his first participation at the conference, in search of new technologies.

The novelty is that this participation to JBraz is taking an innovative product abroad, the Proteckwork jumpsuits.

Besides the visit to the Conference, the JBraz attend the Tide Finance Forum and the Brazil Network Day.


For more information, please contact

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Protectwork – Safety uniform en route to Europort 2015

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JBraz will be presenting the new female security jumpsuit from Protectwork, in the Europort, conference that will be held 03-06 November in Rotterdam;


Protect Work has been operating for 20 years in the industry and specializes in security uniforms for prompt delivery with excellence in their products.
Our model range is certified by the Ministry of Labour, to heat and fire, flash fire and electric arc and tissues have all regulations and national and international specifications. We serve businesses and industries of all sizes in the oil and gas, mining, energy and steel.


Jumpsuit comfortable, with opening back. Respect with an onboard worker.

Designed and patented internationally by Proteckwork.

The jumpsuit is designed to provide more comfort and respect for a offshore workers, shipped, or working in any other environment where jumpsuit is required as a security uniform.

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Effective protection to heat and fire, flash fire and electric arc. Fabric 270 g / m², 100% cotton high-strength RF has ATPV of 11.3 cal / cm² and haf 80.6% and 8.0 ooz / yd². The tissue of 238 g / m², 88% cotton and 12% polyamide, has ATPV 9 cal / cm², light, high level of sweat absorption, a  pleasant thermal sensation and low shrinkage.

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