BQR estará presente na Rio Oil and Gas 2016.




A BQR estára presente na Rio OIl and Gas

participando do Pavilhão de Israel –  Pavilhão 3 –  J7.



Durante a Rio Oil and Gas, a  BQR apresentará suas Ferramentas de Manutenção de Confiablidade:

CARE, APMOptimizer e Fixtress.


Antes e depois da Rio OIl and Gas, estaremos realizando visita a clientes.

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BQR is a Global Leader in Reliability, Maintenance and EDA software.

BQR is a world leader in Reliability Maintenance and EDA support tools. BQR offers software tools that enhance, improve and optimize engineering processes in order to save costs and deliver better, more robust products to the market. BQR software also enables the creation of systems that are easier to operate and maintain.

BQR has over two decades of experience in providing software and consulting services in the areas of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering for complex products/assets comprising electronic and mechanical components. BQR software tools and services are used by leading companies in various industries to support product lifecycle, from inception, through design, manufacturing and operation, to disposal.


Produtos BQR

BQR fiXtress is a state-of-the-art tool for creating superior, robust, and reliable electronics systems. fiXtress enables users to conduct automated stress and power analysis, for easy detection of design and reliability issues.

Fixtress 1

BQR CARE suite is an integrated tool that gives a well rounded solution for reliability analysis in electronics and mechanical systems. CARE is widely used among industry leaders worldwide.

Care 1

BQR apmOptimizer is one of the most powerful optimization tools for maintenance, Spare Parts and Logistics planning in today’s market. apmOptimizer not only helps predict the effects of current maintenance policies, but also recommends how to optimize them.

apm 2



For more information in Brazil, please contact JBRAZ Representation –

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