JBRAZ will part of th Pollutec 2018

JBraz is one of the companies selected by APEX Brasil, to be part of Brazilian Mission in the first Brazilian Pavillion at Pollutec 2018. The Conference will happen in Lyon, during November 27 – 30. POL18_LOGO_UK_V_Q_BL


Is the second time that JBraz will be participating in this most important conference in the Renewable Energies sector in Europe.

In 2016, JBraz was part of Low Carbon Business Action Brazil Mission, to Pollutec.

Pollutec Sectors

Pollutec sectors



For more information about the Pollutec 2018, visit http://www.pollutec.com.

For book a contact during the conference, please contact teresa@jbraz.com.br

JBraz Assistente técnico de projetos da Low Carbon Business Action Brazil.

bandeira-do-brasilTeresa Braz - ONS

Hoje foi homologada a participação da JBraz e de sua sócia, Teresa Cristina Gonçalves Braz como assistentes técnico dos projetos da fase II do programa Low Carbon Business Action Brazil.



Today was approved the participation of JBraz and his partner, Teresa Cristina Gonçalves Braz as technical assistants of the phase II project of the program Low Carbon Business Action Brazil.

JBRAZ e Aquale vão desenvolver projetos incentivados pela Low Carbon Business Action Brazil na área de Hidrotermia






O Comitê técnico de Avaliação da Low Carbon Business Action Brasil, aprovou os 2 projetos de ATES – Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage – Aquífero como armazenamento de energia térmica, e terá a assistência técnica do projeto financiada pela Comunidade Européia.




The Technical Evaluation Committee of Low Carbon Business Action Brazil has approved the two projects of ATES – Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage, and will have the technical assistance of the project financed by the European Community.

Now published all videos from the MM Energy Efficiency in Industry.






Low Carbon Business Action Brazil, published today the up dated link with the last Mission – Energy Efficiency in Industry, now with legends in english.

Please follow the link to watch videos from LCBA: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPoxqXLHL15-kxO_G4qxGWw,

Interview LCBA

Whatch Aquale and JBraz interview: Aquale & JBraz Interview



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Today, the new JBraz English site was launched, which has consolidated information about the solutions and technologies that are part of the portfolio of our services and products.

With a new format, the site is now categorized in Environmental Solutions, Offshore and Industrial Systems.

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