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Low Carbon Business Action Brazil, published today the up dated link with the last Mission – Energy Efficiency in Industry, now with legends in english.

Please follow the link to watch videos from LCBA:,

Interview LCBA

Whatch Aquale and JBraz interview: Aquale & JBraz Interview




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Módulos de Acomodação para Usinas eólicas Offshore.


logo titan



Na semana passada a Titan Offshore, instalou o seu primeiro Refúgio de 10 pés, para Usinas Eólicas Offshore em um CTV Offshore (Crew Transfer Pesser) que opera para a Dong Energy.
A embarcação irá ao Mar do Norte (120Km) e permanecerá durante a noite como um projeto piloto que serve um parque eólico offshore.
Esta é a primeira CTV no mundo a ter um módulo 10 pés a bordo em um projeto piloto junto coma Dong Energy.




Last week, Titan Offshore installed the first 10-foot Refuge for Offshore Wind Power Plants in a CTV Offshore (Crew Transfer Pesser) that operates for Dong Energy.
The vessel will be in the North Sea (120km) and will remain overnight as a pilot project serving an offshore wind farm.
This is the first CTV in the world to have a 10ft module on board in a pilot project along with Dong Energy.



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Successful negotiations during LCBA Matchmaking Mission: Energy Efficiency in Industry – São Paulo 19 to 22 of June.

LCBA Industries



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São Paulo, Brazil, 19-22 June 2017

JBraz will be part of The Matchmaking Mission  organized by Low Carbon Business Action and in institutional partnership with Sebrae (Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio à Micro e Pequena Empresa) and CNI (Confederação Nacional da Indústria), in line with the FEIMAFE Exhibition in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.


There is significant heavy industrial activity in Brazil, much of this in energy-intensive sectors. The country has historically had relatively abundant and clean energy, but recent rises in energy costs and the carbon emissions associated with electrical production are likely to focus attention on the sector of energy efficiency in industry. Industries are concentrated in the South-East and the South of the country, especially in the São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Minas Gerais states. The largest industries by energy consumption are food & beverage, iron & steel, paper & pulp, chemicals and non-ferrous metals, in that order.

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JBRAZ at the OTC 2017 – Houston

OTC 2017

This year JBraz will return participating at the SEBRAE Mission to OTC  2017, in Houston, during 1 – 4 May,  working two clients, ETS and Ambidados.

In 2017 OTC  Brazil will have a lot of events, starting on Sunday with a Brazilian Barbecue, promoted by FGV, by adhesion, that will happens at the Rice University.

On Monday the day starts early at the NGR:

 Monday, 1 May

Breakfast – 07:30 – 09:00 –  New Business Opportunities in Brazil

Session Chairpersons: Roberto Ardenghy, Consul, Brazilian Consulate

Speakers: Marcio Felix, Secretary of Petroleum and Gas, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil|Decio Oddone, General Director, Brazilian National Petroleum Agency ANP|Jorge Camargo, President, IBP

Lunch – 12:15 – 13:45 – Brazil Oil and Gas Opportunities, Pre-Salt and Beyond

Session Chairpersons and Moderators:  Joao De Luca, Chairman, Barra Energia

Speakers: Fernando Coelho Filho, Minister of Mines and Energy, Cabinet of Brazil

Panel:  14:00 – 16:30

Operators Offshore in Brazil: Under a Promising and Positive New Environment

Room 306 – Session Moderators – Ibsen Lima, President, Pre-Sal Petroleo S.A.

Speakers: Andre Araujo, President, Shell do Brazil|Maxime Rabilloud, President, Total do Brazil|Carla Lacerda, President, ExxonMobil Brasil|Tim Hosking, Managing Director, Karoon|Mauricio Diniz, E&P Executive Manager, Logistics and Operations Support, Petrobras|Renato Bertani, President, Barra Energia|Veronica Coelho, Chief of Staff and Deputy Country Manager, Statoil Brazil

In the end of the day, Oil & Gas Brazil Meeting, that will happens at Galleria, only to guests.

May 2 – Tuesday

Panel – 09:30 – 12:00 – Libra Project: Reducing Breakeven and Preparing for First Oil

Room 604

Session Moderators:  Stephen Balint, General Manager, Shell|Paulo Carvalho, Executive Director, Pre-Sal Petroleo S.A.

Speakers: He Baosheng, Deputy General Manager, Subsea Wells and Facilities, Libra JPT, China National Offshore Oil Co|Fernando Borges, Executive Manager, Petrobras|Orlando Ribeiro, General Manager, Subsea Wells and Facilities, Libra JPT, Petrobras|Osmond Coelho, General Manager, Projects, Libra JPT, Petrobras|Francisco Costa, Project Manager, Libra EWT, Libra JPT, Petrobras

Lunch – 12:15 – 13:45 – Petrobras Opportunities in a New Oil and Gas Scenario

Session Chairpersons:  Jorge Camargo, President, IBP

Speakers: Pedro Parente, CEO and President, Petrobras

Panel – 14:00 – 16:30 – Safety in the New Offshore World

Room 604

Session Moderators: Henrique Paula, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, ABS

Speakers: Lars Herbst, Regional Director, Gulf of Mexico, Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement|Sylvie Tran, General Manager, Safety and Environment, Shell USA|Marcelo Borges de Macedo, Superintendent, ANP|Matthew Mowrer, Director of Applied Technology and Data Analytics, ABS Consulting|Kelly Wilson, HSE Crisis Management Manager, Anadarko

May 3 – Wednesday  the traditional Bratecc Breakfast Offshore 2017 Breakfast –  West Galleria – Plaza Ballroom – By adhesion event.

See you there on OTC!!

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