JBraz and the Portugal conections!!

Part of work of JBraz expansion to Europe, and the work of search innovation under the renewable solutions sector, I had a great pleasure to visit in Viseu, in the north part of Portugal, 2 important companies:

Interecycling – eletric and eletronic equipments waste


Aiga Concept – treatment of water and effluents.



More information about Interecycling and Aiga Concept, please contact:


Thank you Anviga for the support!

Second Mission: JBraz, Aquale & RPP – Caixas do Sul.


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This second mission to the South of Brazil brought together another Aquale partner company, RPP Construtora, which, like the JBraz & Aquale partnership, is also a result of Low Carbon Business Action Braz.

Thanks to the support, and the excellent relationship of RPP Construtora, we had the opportunity to visit several leading companies in the Region, announcing the ATES system – Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System), the sustainable solution to use the undergroud water to heat or cool.

This is another successful mission, where new projects will be generated for 2019.

Thank you to RPP Construtora, and to all the companies that received us.


Greentec – Sustainable Industrial Condominium.

Aquale & JBraz had the opportunity to meet Greentec.
ANC Urbanizadora and RPP Construtora are responsible for this new concept of Industrial Condominium, where sustainability will be the differential, and where several low-carbon and sustainable technologies will be developed, including the ATES system.

Greentec is a new concept in industrial condominiums, where sustainability and infrastructure focusing on cost reduction, whether operational, structural or managerial.



Partnership Aquale & JBraz first Mission Ceará!!!

Last week Aquale and JBraz, the partnership by Low Carbon Business Action Brazil, made the first mission to Pecém in Ceará State

We had opportunity to visit companies interested in know the ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System), the sustenable solution to use the undergroud water to heat or cool.

Very good contacts have been created, and good projects will be developed from this mission.
Thank you to all who have given their time to receive us.


If you want to understand better about the ATES technology contact me.



JBRAZ will part of th Pollutec 2018

JBraz is one of the companies selected by APEX Brasil, to be part of Brazilian Mission in the first Brazilian Pavillion at Pollutec 2018. The Conference will happen in Lyon, during November 27 – 30. POL18_LOGO_UK_V_Q_BL


Is the second time that JBraz will be participating in this most important conference in the Renewable Energies sector in Europe.

In 2016, JBraz was part of Low Carbon Business Action Brazil Mission, to Pollutec.

Pollutec Sectors

Pollutec sectors



For more information about the Pollutec 2018, visit http://www.pollutec.com.

For book a contact during the conference, please contact teresa@jbraz.com.br

Visit the new website from JBRAZ

Today, the new JBraz English site was launched, which has consolidated information about the solutions and technologies that are part of the portfolio of our services and products.

With a new format, the site is now categorized in Environmental Solutions, Offshore and Industrial Systems.

Visit our website

Our blog remains with the function of keeping everyone informed about market developments, events and new technologies, under the address: http://www.jbrazrepre.blog

Visite o novo Website da JBraz

Hoje foi ao ar o novo site da JBraz, que conta com informações consolidadas a respeito das soluções e tecnologias que fazem parte do portfólio de nossos serviços e produtos.

Com um novo formato, agora o site está categorizado em Soluções Ambientais, de Offshore e de Sistemas Industriais.

Visite o nosso site

webpage JBraz

O nosso blog permanece com a função de manter todos informados a respeito de acontecimentos dos mercado, eventos e novas tecnologias, sob o endereço: http://www.jbrazrepre.blog

Verteego – Reportings de Responsabilidade Social e Corporativa




JBraz e Verteego firmaram no último dia 09 de agosto de 2016 uma Parceria de Cooperação, durante a Missão para Eficiência Energética em Edificações, promovida pela Low Carbon Brazil Action.

A cooperação entre a JBraz e a Verteego visa a expansão de novos negócios no Estado do Rio de Janeiro.








Para maiores informações Teresa Cristina Braz   teresa@jbraz.com.br

Matchmaking Mission on ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS 08 – 12 August 2016 – São Paulo – Brazil

low carbon top page

JBraz Architecture and Engineering will be participating in Matchmaking Mission on ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS  from Low Carbon Brazil , in São Paulo in 08 – 12 August 2016.

Low Carbon Business Action

Promoting the encounter of enterpreneurs with the low carbon economy

The Project Low Carbon Business Action is a European Union-funded initiative that aims to contribute to sustainable development and greening of Brazilian industries through the adoption of low emission technology. The Project will engage 720 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from Brazil and from the 28 member states of the European Union (EU) through a series of Business Matchmaking missions to be held between May 2016 and February 2018. For this purpose he Project seeks to identify and promote business partnerships between selected companies, and strengthen liaisons between industry clsuters and other industry organisations.

For more information please visit http://www.lowcarbonbrazil.com/

low carbon sectors


Low carbon B2B


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