Protectwork – Safety uniform en route to Europort 2015

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JBraz will be presenting the new female security jumpsuit from Protectwork, in the Europort, conference that will be held 03-06 November in Rotterdam;


Protect Work has been operating for 20 years in the industry and specializes in security uniforms for prompt delivery with excellence in their products.
Our model range is certified by the Ministry of Labour, to heat and fire, flash fire and electric arc and tissues have all regulations and national and international specifications. We serve businesses and industries of all sizes in the oil and gas, mining, energy and steel.


Jumpsuit comfortable, with opening back. Respect with an onboard worker.

Designed and patented internationally by Proteckwork.

The jumpsuit is designed to provide more comfort and respect for a offshore workers, shipped, or working in any other environment where jumpsuit is required as a security uniform.

macacao_1-320x481macação editado 2





Effective protection to heat and fire, flash fire and electric arc. Fabric 270 g / m², 100% cotton high-strength RF has ATPV of 11.3 cal / cm² and haf 80.6% and 8.0 ooz / yd². The tissue of 238 g / m², 88% cotton and 12% polyamide, has ATPV 9 cal / cm², light, high level of sweat absorption, a  pleasant thermal sensation and low shrinkage.

modelos Proteckwork


clientes Protecwork

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